Sunday’s Random Thoughts

A nice sunny Sunday morning in Westminster.  Snow is sparkling, birds are flocking to the bird feeders under the deck, and Buddy is barking at a black cat that is curled up on the wicker chair on the front porch.  A great start to the day!

I got my hair done Friday night at Freestyle.  My hairdresser, Lisa P, is the best.  She listens to what I try to describe and does it perfectly.  I’ll admit I’m probably not her ideal client sometimes – I’ve been known to get a little freaked out if the color isn’t what I expect or if I don’t immediately see the shaping around my neck.  She’s cool, though, and bears with me.

One thing I like at Freestyle is that they play a good range of music.  I don’t know who makes up their mix CDs, but they’re really good.  I always enjoy hearing music, especially if it’s something I don’t know.  I like to expand my musical horizons.

One of the songs was really interesting – I didn’t recall ever hearing it.  I was trying to catch some of the words above the hair dryers and conversations, and all I could grab onto was the phrase “what did she say.”  I figured I’d do a lyric search when I got a chance so I could find out the name of the song.

So yesterday evening I turned the TV on and flicked through the channels.  I stopped on a rerun of Saturday Night Live.  And wouldn’t you know, in one of the skits the same song was playing.  Freaky.  I grabbed my phone and clicked on the VCast Song ID app.  It did its thing and returned “Hide and Seek” by Imogen Heap.

Isn’t technology like that absolutely mind blowing?  I mean, how cool is it to be able to take your phone, point it towards the music, and have the phone app tell you who the artist is, the name of the song, and the album’s title?  Freaking awesome.  I downloaded the song from iTunes this morning.  Cool song.  Oh yeah – and now it’s my ringback tone.

Super Bowl Sunday and a new Glee tonight.  I’m more excited about Glee (I love that show!) but Glee would have been tied with the Super Bowl if my beloved Chicago Bears had made it there.  Ah, well – there’s always next year.


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