“The Weird Sisters” by Eleanor Brown

"The Weird Sisters"

"The Weird Sisters"

I needed a new audio book for my last trip from Vermont.  I looked around on Amazon.com and found the book, THE WEIRD SISTERS.  Excellent!

I read a review in the NY Times last week that I thought did not give credit to the story.  It was written by one of their male staffers.  I couldn’t help but post a comment on his review that I think he got it wrong because he isn’t a mother or a sister – or for that fact – a female.  He wanted to fact check certain pieces of the book, which may be something that other people do too, but in all honesty it will detract from the story.

You see, the book is about three sisters who have been living their own, totally different lives in different parts of the US.  But family circumstances (their mother has cancer) draw them back home.  The tale describes how they feel about each other, about their parents, about the things they’ve done in their lives, and where their lives are headed.

You don’t need to count the years and the events described in the book to believe that these things could have ultimately happened to someone.  Honestly, some of the incidents in the book are a little “out there” but so what?  Every story has parts that a reader may or may not believe in, and that’s what makes a novel a personal experience.  It’s what allows people to compare notes, to talk about how the book made them feel.

I’m a mom.  I’m a sister.  I’m the eldest of two girls.  My dad is nothing like the father in THE WEIRD SISTERS and my mom is nothing like the mother.  Are there certain things that I can relate to as a sister?  Sure.  Good things and not so good things.  Things I wish I had done with my sister.

Eleanor Brown, the author, did a good job.  She should be commended on this, her first novel.  Maybe a few things in the book should have been more relative to other things she wrote, but again, the story is still a good one.

If you want to read about a family that is somewhat dysfunctional, a father who lives in the words of Shakespeare, a mom who has words of wisdom, and three sisters who love each other more than they know, then you should read this.  By the way, it’s written in a different way – the sisters taking turns narrating the tale.  It’s cool.


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