Reviews on the Trip to New York

I had the fortunate experience to be in New York this week for an American Management Association (AMA) seminar. The people that attended the event, ten in all, were great. We came from several different industries and backgrounds, interesting educational backgrounds and goals.

The group dynamic was interesting. No matter how the instructor mixed up the groups, each one had insights and experiences that blended well with the others no matter what the assigned task. Of course, there were a handful of exceptions (to be expected when there is such a vast variety of talent in the room), and I gleaned much from the three days I spent in The Big Apple.

Beyond the classroom experiences, I enjoyed the time walking the streets surrounding Times Square. I had one of the best freaking corned beef sandwiches I’ve ever had, courtesy of Carnegie’s; some excellent and spiced-just-right cheese ravioli from Benash (oh yes and my guilty pleasure of cherry cheesecake), and phenomenal margarita pizza and
Caesar salad from Seraphina’s. Overall, a fantastic eating experience.

People are interesting. Here are some take-aways from the past three days …

There still are gentlemen in this world. Both on train to New York and the return trip, guys helped me get my suitcase into the overhead compartment. I thought that was wonderful. If people bumped into me on the crowded Broadway streets, many turned and apologized. The waiter at Benash was great as he had to explain that the original item I wanted was not available and recommended a variety of other things I might like (like the cheese ravioli). I found out he is originally from Puerto Rico, has family in Chicago, etc. The key thing in that whole experience, however, was that I sat by myself in the restaurant – something I’ve never ventured to do. It always seemed awkward to me – but this time I went for it. And it wasn’t awful.

I think the thing that sticks with me most right now is how people can tell you all about themselves – where they went to school, what they do for a living, their hobbies, all kinds of stories about their pets and their families. They go on and on and on. And then comes the question – are you married? And the response – yes. It’s like the relationship is the last thing on their mind. How can that be?

I think we sometimes need to step back and think about the people and things that are important in our lives. Shouldn’t the relationship come first?

When you travel, does your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/partner come up first in your conversation? Do they send you quickie texts just to say hi/I miss you/I love you/hope you’re having a good time? Do you reach out to them? Or do you get into a pissing contest to see who will contact whom first (that is not a good thing).

Priorities are important, but people are too – especially those you’re in a relationship with. Remember them no matter how far apart you are. If you don’t reach out to each other, does that mean he/she is not that important to you any longer? Do a relationship check and compare notes with each other.

Don’t mean to preach … so I’ll sign off now as I’m heading home from The Big Apple.


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