A Peaceful Setting in Vermont

One of my Facebook “friends” is Martin Guitars.  I have a Martin HD28V which I named Aiden which has incredible depth of sound.

Today Martin Guitars posted a question – “Sometimes it’s nice to be peaceful on your own and play – where would you like to take your Martin when you need to get away?”

I posted my comment without any hesitation …

One the last day of school in May, Josh took me to a spot on the outer rim of Castleton’s property where there’s a little wooden bridge that crosses a stream.  The water in the stream is the clearest I’ve ever seen.  It runs over rocks of all sizes and sounds like peace.  Josh and I sat on the bridge, feet dangling close to the running water, and we listened to the sounds around us.  Water, birds chirping, leaves rustling in the slight breeze – it was so calming.

We plan to go back there when we move him back up to Castleton. I can’t wait. I’m thinking maybe this time I’ll take my Little Martin with me. Maybe that sounds a little corny, but what the heck. I think I’ll get inspired and maybe write a song – something I haven’t done in mega-years.


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