The Third Bird

It happened Saturday morning.  I was walking from the kitchen to the dining room when I heard the loud bang on the dining room window.  Several expletives escaped from my mouth as I opened the front door and confirmed that there was a bird down.

Another teenage male cardinal lay dazed on the porch.  It wasn’t dead; it was just stunned.  I got my gloves and picked it up.  It sat upright and let me stroke its back.  Jamie came out and checked the bird too.  He suggested getting some water, so we took it to the deck and set in it Buddy’s water bowl (Jamie put only enough water to cover the bottom of the bowl).  After several minutes, it seemed much better, perkier.  We tried to pick it up but it flew (albeit slightly) down to the patio chair.  It stood there for a couple of minutes and as we tried to approach it, it flew to the corner of the deck.  Again, it stood there and when we moved toward it after a minute or two, it flew away.

I went downstairs and checked out back to make sure it hadn’t flown away just to drop again, but it was nowhere in sight.  That made me happy.

What is it with these birds that cause them to fly into glass?  The reflection?  I wish they’d stop!  But at least this one survived the crash.


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