Eating Autumn

Fall has, without a doubt, always been my favorite season.  There is nothing about this time of year that I don’t enjoy (oops, double negative – my bad).  Let me share with you all that autumn has to offer …

The changing colors of the leaves, from gorgeous greens to an abundance of oranges, reds, yellows, and browns.  There’s the way the crisp fallen leaves crunch happily under your feet.  Then, at least where I call home, the backdrop of the hills and mountains swathed in blankets of variegated hues of all of the shades of autumn.  Leaves, gently wafting downward in the cool breeze of fall, landing in the streams and creeks, the cold waters taking them on a journey as the sun glistens around them.

The smell of fireplaces – although I don’t own one, the minute I step outside I can tell if a neighbor is using theirs.  I envy them, cozying up in front of the fire with their family or friends, or maybe snuggling up with a good book (and I don’t care if it’s a hardcover, paperback, Kindle, Nook, iPad … whatever … just read!).

The cooler days, the crisper nights – the frost on the thin blades of grass in the morning that dance with droplets as the sun strikes and Buddy’s leash grazes over the top of the grass.  Bundling Buddy up in his sheepskin jacket to let him out – he’s such a cute little dachshund!

Setting the clocks back an hour – I always make good use of that extra hour doing whatever strikes my fancy.

Eating autumn – the Tastee Apple Caramel Apples, the pumpkin pie, eggnog ice cream (yum!), stews and chili and soups, and apple cider.  I overdose on caramel apples every year because they’re available for such a short time.  There’s nothing like the tangy sweet apple, the buttery caramel, and the chopped peanuts to let your taste buds enjoy the season too.  Oh, and let’s not forget about Girl Scout cookies!

Time, schedules, commitments – a lot got in the way this year of making it up to the Catoctins to take photos of fall.  I kind of regret that, but there isn’t a morning or afternoon when I’m driving between home and work where I’m not taking in the beauty around me.  This was a very colorful fall this year.  When I talked to Josh, he said the colors in Vermont were good too, but they’re starting to fade.  It’s that time.

Enjoy the colors, the scents, the tastes, and what’s next – the nearing of the holidays.


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