Goals are great things.  But I think there is a saturation point.  Too many goals can equate to some disappointment.

My goals this year have been to blog at least once per week, play the guitar more, get my project management certification, read at least one book per quarter, exercise a little more than not at all, do a little yoga each week, and pay down my credit cards with more than just the minimum payments due.  So can you guess how I’ve done so far?

Well, let me tell you …

I’m taking an eight-week course on project management certification prep at UMBC Training Centers.  Every Saturday through the end of March I’ll be there – an hour away from home.  My Saturday is consumed from 7 am until 5 pm between driving and class.  That leaves Sunday to get the laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping done because during the evening I’m reading and studying.  A little exhausting.  After the classes end, I’ll be doing the last-minute cramming for the certification exam in April or May.

Haven’t picked up the guitar in weeks.  So sad.  I really need to learn a song for the Fiddler’s Convention in June.

Reading?  Well, I have been trying to finish “Just Kids” by Patti Smith because that’s the book I’ll be giving away on World Book Night, April 23.  That will be a lot of fun.

Blogging?  That’s evident – this is my first blog in weeks.

Yoga?  LOL

Exercise?  ROTFLMAO

Sometimes goals need adjusting to accommodate change.  We learn in project management that processes are iterative and that even the best laid plans need reviewing and modification at times.  You don’t necessarily accept the change request at face value; ou look for alternatives that will still allow you to meet your goals.  So that’s what I’m doing – looking for alternatives.

The noise of life is deafening sometimes.  My new over-arching goal is to tone down the noise a little, put in the earplugs sometimes so I can focus on one thing at a time.  Slice up the evenings and weekends so that I’m not letting everything else slip away while only one thing gets focused on; i.e., spending an hour on a Sunday morning writing a blog won’t really impact getting the laundry or grocery shopping done.  I guess it boils down to time management.


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