Spam® … the Edible Kind

Classic Spam

I don’t know if it has something to do with the change to daylight savings time today or some weird craving for the past, but this morning I woke up determined to have a Spam® sandwich.  Crazy?  Yeah, I know!

Back in Chicago growing up in the 60’s, Spam® was not a stranger in our home. Spam® and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Fried Spam® for dinner. Spam® smothered in ketchup (the only way to swallow it back in those days).  We didn’t have it every week or anything like that, but we had it often enough.

My Dad used to joke that my Mom could feed an entire army on one can of Spam®.  She could slice it so thin that you could almost see through it.  No joke.  But you know what?  Extremely thin slices fried up crispy to the point of being crunchy is the best way to eat it.

So that’s what I did this morning.  I opened a can (yes I always keep a can of Spam® in the basement pantry for these situations that might occur every year or two), cut three very thin slices, fried them until they were crispy, and then made s sandwich.  A Spam® sandwich and coffee – what a great American breakfast!

As for the rest of the chunk of meaty(?) substance?  It’s in a sandwich bag in the fridge.  It will probably sit there for a couple of weeks until someone decides on trash day to throw it out.  I mean, seriously – it won’t last in the fridge for a year, will it?

Hmmm ….


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