One thing … just one thing!

Why is it so hard to find one thing … just ONE thing that you’re really so good at that the rest of your life could literally depend on your capability of doing just that one thing?  It shouldn’t be hard, right?

The question is posed by those who spark the notion of following your dream and building a business around the one thing you do best.  Whatever that is.

I’ve been trying to isolate my “one thing” for a while.  I find it difficult to put my finger on something that could become my career in a worst case scenario where I become unemployed and where the only option becomes starting my own business.  I mean, the reality is that you have to be REALLY, EXTREMELY good at whatever it is you plan to do, enough that you can pay the bills and provide shelter, clothing, and food for your family.  Oh, and you have to have the money to start the business too.

Is it that I don’t have enough confidence to take that leap of faith, or is it that I’m too much of a realist to even consider that it could become a reality (once I decide what that “one thing” is, of course).

I’d love to hear people’s thoughts on this – those that know their “one thing” and those that have actually taken the plunge.


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