What a Weekend!

Great weekend! I passed my Project Management Professional certification exam on Friday. I’d been studying for the exam since the beginning of February when I started a prep course at UMBC Training Centers. A huge sigh of relief as I walked out of the testing center on Friday.

I read two books this weekend (only because it was a 3 day weekend) – “50 Shades of Grey” and “My Sweet Saga”, and both were good reads. Next up is “50 Shades of Darker”. Several of us leave for a business trip to Reno next weekend, so I’m planning to get a lot of reading done while in the air. Yes, I’m making up for lost time since I only read exam-related materials for four months!

I’ve also been practicing my song for the Fiddler’s Convention which is right around the corner. Should be fun. Jamie’s been working on his songs too.

Watched several episodes of “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives” and admit that every time Guy goes to Chicago or some diner is serving a Chicago style something-or-other, I get a little smile and think of how great the food is back home. Got to get back there soon!

Hmmm … My iPod is playing “Longer Boats” by Cat Stevens. Love that song!

What I Did on My Vacation (so far)

It’s Wednesday night, and I can say without a doubt that it’s been one heck of a week so far. My vacation started on Monday, but I put in a lot of work last weekend to make up for so many things that haven’t gotten done around the house.

I had six yards (Jamie calculated it to be 81 bags worth) of double-shredded black dyed mulch delivered early Saturday morning, and by nightfall it was all removed from the driveway. Well, except for some stains on the concrete that won’t go away (yet). I still have some smoothing and placement to take care of, but for the most part the front yard is done and the back is about 70% complete. The dye bled through the garden gloves, and it looks like I’ve been playing in dirt for days. I’ve tried acetone, goof-off, stuff they told me about at Lowe’s, and regular nail polish remover. Most of it is gone, but there are some lingering spots on my cuticles and under some of my nails that look just plain awful. I might have to paint my nails since I have a supply chain meeting to go to tomorrow night at Towson State University.

Sunday, Mother’s Day, I did the laundry, went grocery shopping, stopped at Lowe’s to pickup some flowers for the deck and porch, and then did some stuff around the house. I decided it was time to replace my burned-out dryer too.

On Monday I went back to Lowe’s and ordered a dryer to be delivered on Tuesday. Just a head’s up – I saved around $120 at Lowe’s compared to the exact same model dryer at Sears. Just sayin’ …

Tuesday the dryer arrived and I promptly did a load of laundry to test it out. On Wednesday I switched the washer and dryer spots since the dryer stuck out a little too far next to the garage door. Mowed the front lawn, did the edging, went to the bank and the Post Office …

And in between all of this I’ve been studying for my project management exam (late next week) and practicing a song for the Fiddler’s Convention in June. Whew! Oh yeah, and checking email at work and taking care of a few things there too.

I love being busy!


Just Sunday Happenings

The morning started out with a buzz. Well, not really a buzz per se, but with a sting. You know how when you’re still mostly asleep you can feel or sense that something is messing with you? I felt something crawling on my arm, thought it was a spider as I had seen a spider in my closet the night before. I instinctively swiped at at, and to my chagrin immediately felt a burning sting on my finger. I jumped up and saw what I thought was a wasp making its way across my pillow. Turned out it was a yellow jacket.

After ice, a first aid kit wipe for stings, and a couple of ibuprofen, it’s feeling a little better. Still hurts, but not as bad.

Studying a lot for my project management certification exam, I find a good time to do some heavy reading is while I’m at the laundromat. But hopefully I’ll find a decent and not-too-expensive dryer next week. Studying will resume at on the home front then.

Did a little yard work this morning when I got home from laundry and grocery shopping. Took a few pictures to share with you –




Have a happy Sunday everyone!