Just Sunday Happenings

The morning started out with a buzz. Well, not really a buzz per se, but with a sting. You know how when you’re still mostly asleep you can feel or sense that something is messing with you? I felt something crawling on my arm, thought it was a spider as I had seen a spider in my closet the night before. I instinctively swiped at at, and to my chagrin immediately felt a burning sting on my finger. I jumped up and saw what I thought was a wasp making its way across my pillow. Turned out it was a yellow jacket.

After ice, a first aid kit wipe for stings, and a couple of ibuprofen, it’s feeling a little better. Still hurts, but not as bad.

Studying a lot for my project management certification exam, I find a good time to do some heavy reading is while I’m at the laundromat. But hopefully I’ll find a decent and not-too-expensive dryer next week. Studying will resume at on the home front then.

Did a little yard work this morning when I got home from laundry and grocery shopping. Took a few pictures to share with you –




Have a happy Sunday everyone!


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