Had a Hard Time with “Hard Times”

I’m sure you know how it is … you practice and practice and practice and think you’re ready for your performance, and then BAM! It blows up in your face. I had been learning and practicing the song “Hard Times” for the Deer Creek Fiddlers Convention since last August. I thought I was ready to perform it yesterday. And yet when I walked up to the stage, I was literally shaking, nervous, feeling like I had lost it.

My performance was the furthest thing from stellar. I could hear myself in the sound system and was totally shaken by what I was hearing, and that only added to the flop. I’m not sure why I got so nervous – could have been that someone I knew was there to hear me, could have been that I didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before, could have been that I hadn’t eaten all day (except for half a banana in the morning with my coffee) … I could use any of those as an excuse, but the bottom line is that I sucked.

This is what the song was supposed to song like …

"Hard Times" (cover)

It’s so pitiful that I wrecked the song when I sang it on stage.

Maybe next year will be better.