Being Yourself

You don’t have to have the best voice to sing your song.

You don’t have to be a published author to tell your story.

You don’t have to achieve the highest grades to prove you’re smart.

You don’t have to have the highest paying job to feel satisfied with your work.

You don’t need to attend church regularly to prove your faith.

All you need is passion in all you do, a solid belief in yourself, and a thankful spirit for all you have no matter how little or how much it may be.

Be the one who is thankful for the gifts you have received, for the life you’ve been given, and for all you have accomplished.

Take time to see the beauty of the world around you. Accept that others think and learn differently than you do. Accept the faults of the world and contribute whatever you can to making the world better (not just monetarily but by your unselfish deeds as well).

Constantly learn.


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