Train of Thought

As I’m walking down the hallway at work, I notice two women from another department walking towards the stairwell.  Both are wearing shirts the same shade of green.  I smile and say, “Green Day” and stop myself just as I’m about to continue with, “American Idiot!”

See, I know where my thoughts were (train of thought: green shirts, green day, Green Day (the band), American Idiot (first song that popped into my head), but if I had said those last two words, the women probably would have taken offense, thinking I was calling them idiots.

I didn’t want to take that chance.

And I seriously patted myself on the back by not letting those words tumble out of my mouth, because historically I just keep going.  Then, as I try to explain myself, I get myself into deeper trouble.

I’m learning.

I once had this fleeting thought, that wouldn’t it be nice if people thought the same way I do?  But then I shudder to think of it.  I mean, what would this world be like if everyone just let the words roll without thinking of the consequences?  How many times have I said something only to have to apologize later?  It’s not fun.

I like to have fun.

Sometimes someone says something or does something that triggers a song in my head.  Sometimes I go ahead and start singing or humming it out loud, sometimes I don’t.  I’ve learned that many of the people around me in meetings are usually younger and don’t necessarily know the songs I grew up with or know now.  I’ve also learned that life is not a TV show or movie where people spontaneously burst into song and everyone joins in.  Mostly in real life, they just look at you like you’re strange …

or an American idiot.


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