It’s Another Day

I have been absent from my site for quite a while.  I did not know what to write about.  We’re supposed to be sharing the things we know or think with whomever stumbles upon our sites, and the key is that we KNOW what we are supposed to share.  I have felt like I have been treading water without direction, without buoyancy.  Reading much about Buddhism, spirituality in general, playing with some philosophies and realizing they are not where I am supposed to go, but ultimately developing a newfound respect for nature, for all living things.

Finally have adjusted to life without my parents and without my dog.  Usually.  Sometimes.

Turning my attention at times to healthy eating habits, steering further and further away from daily meat-based meals and dairy, watching the sweets and oils and mindless snacking.  Trying (although not very frequently this year) yoga, but absolutely exercising daily.  I guess it’s true that old dogs can learn new things.

I’m getting back into song writing, playing guitar, and recently learning to play drums.  I find drums to be a great stress reliever after a day at work.

So I am still trying to uncover the path that I am supposed to be on and what wisdom I am supposed to impart here.  But I guess it starts with sitting at the keyboard and typing. Whatever comes to my mind.  And hopefully, someday, setting some type of schedule.