and then there was more …

The author wannabe in me will never be satisfied as long as I have a thought in my head.  I thrive on challenges.  When I was in high school and working a graveyard shift for a food service company, a co-worker challenged me to write a song.  I asked her what the song should be about, and her next words were, “My uniform is dirty,” as she brushed away a mess on her work smock.  I said, “Great, that will be the first line in the song.”  The next day I wrote a country and western song titled “Is Our Love Gone.”

I recently wrote a song for Martin Guitar’s “Love of my Lifespan” contest.  Hardly got any votes and didn’t win anything other than the satisfaction that I wrote a song.  (Want to see the video – it’s here “They Call Me Martin” – not the best video quality, but maybe that’s something I’ll work on next).

The things I am working on – whether short stories entered in writing contests or poetry, or the beginnings of the Great American Novel – can be found on my other blog here It’s About Prose.

so … give me a challenge …


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