I’m a Gleek, and I’m not Afraid to Admit it!

GLEE has to be one of the best programs on TV.  My opinion.

The people who arrange the songs used on GLEE are phenomenal.  When they do the mash-ups (two songs into one), well, all I can say is that they set a new stage for music.  What they have done is bring songs from my generation to the new generation, and there is something incredible about that.

Let’s talk about UMBRELLA and SINGING IN THE RAIN.  My son had never heard the latter song (my fault, I know, for not introducing him to the movie), and the weekend after the show we went to F.Y.E. to get the movie.  He watched it and loved it.  Understand, we both like UMBRELLA too … so the mash-up was all the more special.

TEENAGE DREAM?  Wow, how can anyone not absolutely L-O-V-E the Warbler’s a cappella version of Katy Perry’s song?  I’ve probably worn a spot in my iPod listening to it over and over.

My best experience has been as a chaperon at my son’s high school dance.  When the DJ started playing DON’T STOP BELIEVING by Journey, almost every kid there started belting out the song.  I stood there almost in tears because it was such an emotional and mind-boggling thing to listen to these teenagers sing a song I saw Journey play in concert in the 1980’s.  And all because the world is becoming acquainted (or re-acquainted) with some of music’s best.

Trust me, there will be much more to write on the subject of GLEE …