Where Did All the Shags Go?

Have you ever had an amazing haircut that you’ve never been able to get replicated?  Mine was back in high school, back when the shag was all the rage and every hairstylist in the country knew how to do it perfectly.  There wasn’t much I liked about myself back then, but that haircut made me feel extraordinary.  Life as a teenager was bearable because I looked cool, man.

Alas, thirty-some years later I desperately want that shag again and can’t find one picture in any magazine or one photo on the world wide web that looks like the hair cut I had back then.  Why is that?  Shags are supposedly back in style – I have seen pictures in hairstyle magazines claiming to be “shags” but come on – they are calling every length, every layered cut a “shag” cut.  NO, NO, NO! Those are only imitation shags – not the real thing!  DON’T BE FOOLED!

I wish we had had the internet in the 70’s.  Then there would be a plethora of pictures of girls with their shag haircuts.

Now, if I were back in Chicago and had access to my mom’s gazillion photos that are tucked away in envelopes and photo boxes and albums that are falling apart, I might be able to find at least one picture of me in that beautiful shag cut.  Maybe the next time I go back home I’ll be able to rifle through the pictures.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if I could find one?

I tried to explain the cut but find it very difficult.  Multiple layers (don’t know how long they should be and they always ask), tight against the back of the neck (really – what does that look like?), wispy bangs.  Why is that so hard?  I can see it in my mind … why can’t they?

Hmm … maybe if I can locate a retired hairstylist who used to cut hair in the 1970’s she might remember how to shag a head   🙂