I’m sitting here watching the snow. Flakes flitter downward in steady streams – then a push from a breeze, and they scurry around haphazardly, some being driven into the windowpane. As the breeze dissipates, the snow falls in unison again. But look at the window. The ones that got caught up in the breeze, the ones that found themselves stuck on the glass – those are the ones we get to see, to examine, to view the intricate detail of a snowflake and ponder its beauty.

I think people are like that at times. Groups of people, all are doing the same thing, each one following the other. Then a thought, an idea, takes hold of some of them, and they run off to do their own thing. Some of them don’t jump back into the fold; some of them do. If it weren’t for those people scurrying off to explore their own ideas, the human race would never see progress.

An idea doesn’t have to be grand to be important. It doesn’t have to incite others to take action. The idea doesn’t have to cure illness or promote the peace so many are looking for. What IS important is the feeling of fulfillment as you pursue your idea.

Let others in – let them be part of your journey.