Monday, August 8 and the Blahs

I guess it’s a case of the Monday blahs.  I didn’t sleep all that well last night, woke up almost ten minutes late, and have to leave work early today for a doctor appointment.  What a day!

I’m listening to my iPod while I work and have to say that music really helps make the day better.  Especially when something comes on that I haven’t heard in a long time.

I’d love to connect with some old friends from Chicago but am having a helluva time finding them.  There were girls I hung out with in high school that I’d love to know how they’re doing now.  Time and distance can really suck!

Jamie told me yesterday that we’re going to his brother’s party on Saturday!  Yeah!  I get to meet his family again.  The first and only time I’ve met them was a July 4th party three years ago.  Curious, isn’t it, that so much time has elapsed?  Don’t blame me for this.

Oh yeah – “Vogue” by Madonna is on the iPod right now.  “Come on, Vogue!”  “You’re a superstar, yes, that’s what you are!”

We all are, aren’t we?

The Only Living Gal in the 70’s

Honda is using the Simon and Garfunkel song THE ONLY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK in one of their commercials. I think it is so awesome when a company picks an old song like that. When I first saw the commercial it stopped me in my tracks. I was like, “I know that song – what the heck is it?” And after running it through in my head a few times, I figured it out.

Of course, then I had to download my S&G 4 CD box set. Previously, I had only downloaded a few of their songs onto my iTunes. You know how it is (maybe) – you want to put the new songs on your iPod and show how cool and current you are with today’s music – especially when your kids are going to peruse your playlist. Right?

It takes something like Honda’s commercial to jolt me back to the music I loved when I was growing up. Once I get started with a tune in my head like THE ONY LIVING BOY IN NEW YORK it is only a matter of time before I’m reliving the days when I used to listen endlessly to groups like S&G, The Beatles, Elton John, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Boston, Cat Stevens, and all those other wonderful artists. Oh, for the old days of putting an LP on the record player, flopping into my yellow beanbag chair, gazing endlessly at my yellow and orange bedroom walls, burning incense, and singing along ‘til I was exhausted. Where have those days gone? If I tried doing half of those things today, would it feel the same as it did back then?

Sounds like a good segue to songwriting itself. Come on, people – pull out your guitars or pianos or whatever and start writing a song about the old days and reliving them through music. Pump yourselves up – put on some great old tunes and remember what you were doing when you first heard them. Put yourself into the song and then let yourself out and then start writing that song!

Yeah, man … cool! Maybe I’m THE ONLY LIVING GAL IN THE 70’S!