Lovely Day

The weather was gorgeous today!  I spent some time at Towson Town Center picking up a few things from Williams-Sonoma for Thanksgiving as well as a couple of Christmas presents.  A massage place opened up apparently recently (as they were having a Grand Opening special).  I’m a sucker for a good massage and couldn’t help but stop in for my 10% discount on the cost of their stress-relieving acupressure.

One of the trees in the front yard has the best variety of color I think its ever had.  Different shades of green, yellow, orange, and red dress this tree in style.  I raked the backyard, pulling the fallen leaves into a big pile under one of the trees opposite the deck.  A recent newsletter from something I subscribe to said that there are some birds that will nest in the piles of leaves during the winter.  So that pile of leaves is for the birds!

Josh called this morning.  We had a nice long chat about a lot of different things.  It was a nice way to start the day.

Well, I’m in a cleaning mood (could it be Spring instead of Fall?).  Think there’s a closet calling me …