Thankful … Day 4

I’m am thankful for the amazing full moon that seemed to appear in the sky suddenly as we turned down a parking aisle at the mall. It was big, and golden yellow, and simply gorgeous. It was enough to take my breath away, if only for a few minutes while I gazed at it before driving off towards home.

Thankful … Day 3

Wow, it’s a tough one to figure out tonight. Nothing stellar happened that snapped into that “something to be thankful for” category. So maybe I’m just thankful that nothing terrible happened to anyone I know, and that I was able to snag the only copy of “CSNY 1974” (the one with the bonus DVD and booklet) that FYE had in stock. Yeah, those are good things to be thankful for.

Thankful … Day 2

A nasty storm thundered through this afternoon. I received an email notification that UPS had delivered my box set CD and vinyl Ed Sheeran “X” which had been on backorder for more than a week. I am thankful that the items were not damaged by the rain or wind. Yes, the packaging was slightly wet, but the contents were dry. Thankfully.

Thankful … Day 1

Sometimes there are little things to be thankful for. The situation passes quickly, and so does the feeling of gratefulness. I figure if I jot them down it will help remind me that not everything in life should be stressful.

Day 1 – I’m thankful for the person who put his/her left turn signal on in advance of the turn lane. This gave me enough time to make my right turn into traffic, drop off my Comcast box in plenty of time to get home, pickup my dog, and make it to the vet with a few minutes to spare.

I’m also grateful for spending lunch with a coworker. We had a great conversation which left me feeling a little better about a situation at work.

And the sunset was pretty cool tonight.